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If you’re looking for a neighborhood veterinarian that lets you feel at home and surrounded by friends then you’ve found us! We pride ourselves on our customer service. We treat all of our patients like we would our very own- with attention and love.

Dr. Anderson and her husband David have owned and operated The Cat Clinic of Greenville since 2000. Their overarching goal for the practice is to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for all patients.



Cats only please!! Thank you!! We seem to live in a dog’s world these days and there are some cats (like ours) who just doesn’t like dogs. She is totally deaf which adds to the problem probably but just the smell of a dog upsets her greatly. And most dog owners have a “love my dog” mentality that adds to the stress. It is so great to have a cat vet and our cat had the best vet experience in a long time here.

Peg L.

I love this vet! I switched here about a year ago for my two indoor cats and have had nothing but positive experiences. It’s so nice to take my cats somewhere where I know the medical professional thinks about cats all day and they won’t be stressed out by a bunch of other animals in the lobby before their appointment.

Alexandra H.

They are so good at what they do and do it as quickly as possible. They care so much for the cats that come in and handle them carefully. They’ve become my primary clinic for my cats. Highly recommend.

Raquel N.

This is a single vet who treats only kitties. There are resident cats as well. The scheduling is good so you don’t wait forever. Dr. Anderson is wonderful with both the pets and the owners. This is a smaller facility, so this is a veterinarian for routine care and minor problems. She will take terrific care of your cats so major problems are less likely and kitties are healthy. They also have boarding facilities and my cats have always come home calm and happy.

B A.

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