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We are your typical ‘Cat Ladies’. Of course, to us that is an endearing term!

Effective care begins with accurate diagnoses. If your cat is sick, our goal is to make a diagnosis and treat the condition appropriately. Physical exam, blood and urine tests and x-rays, performed onsite, are the primary tools for making a diagnosis.

When appropriate we will refer you and your cat to board certified veterinary surgeons, internists, ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

Depending on the severity of the disease, treatment may consist of medicine prescribed to be given to your cat at home, or may require hospitalization. Our hospital environment is designed for compassionate cat care.

Dr. Anderson has 18 years of dedication, feline-only medicine under her belt. Let us show you the difference that can make in your and your cat’s life. Her knowledge and personable bed-side manner will make coming to the vet a breeze.

We offer the following services to keep your pets healthy:

To make sure your cat gets the appropriate amount of time during their visit they deserve, we go by appointment only. No walk-ins but drop-offs can be available if scheduled.

Wellness Exams

Your cat will receive a full “nose-to-tail” physical examination from Dr. Anderson either during their routine visits or to help determine a cause for concern. This attention to your cat’s specific details can make the difference in determining any “abnormalities” and get the bottom of the matter sooner. Your cat is not just another number but a unique member of the family.

With yearly visits we also can provide vaccinations. We exclusively use the PUREVAX (nonadjuvanted) line of vaccines that are lower volume and have lower risks of vaccine reactions and complications!

We have available:
Feline 3 (FVRCP) otherwise known as distemper
Rabies (1 year & 3 year)
Feline Leukemia (recommended for outdoor cats or social cats)
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*Note: All visits are by APPOINTMENT ONLY

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Disease and Illness Care  Greenville, SC

Disease and Illness Care

When you bring your cat in whether for an acute illness or a chronic disease, rest assured Dr. Anderson and her team will work with you on treatment and protocol plans.

With continued education, Dr. Anderson and staff will make you and your cat as comfortable as possible while managing symptoms as needed.

All treatments and diagnostics will be discussed with you (never pressured) to help determine the best treatment plan for your special feline. Diagnostics ranging from x-ray, in-house lab work, outside lab work, urinalysis are at our teams exposal to find the best course of action.

When appropriate we will refer you and your cat to board certified veterinary surgeons, internists, ophthalmologists and dermatologists.

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Drop Offs  Greenville, SC

Drop Offs

We know life can get hectic and we want to help! We offer “drop off” appointments for your convenience.

Can’t make it to a specific time because of your work schedule or your own doctor’s appointment? No problem!

Scheduling a Drop Off with us allows you to drop off your cat between 7am-9am and we will keep them comfortable in their own private condo as we work them in through out appointments. You will then receive a call/text when they are ready to be picked up. Still busy? Tha’ts ok, we are open until 6pm! (12noon on Thursdays).

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Feral/Stray Visits  Greenville, SC

Feral/Stray Visits

Find a stray in your neighborhood that no one has claimed? We can scan for a microchip to see if there is an owner.

Want to keep the unclaimed stray? We can set them up on the path to a happy, healthy, house blob!

Is the stray a little skittish? Dr. Anderson has years of experience working with feral cat communities, we do not scare easily.

-Physical exam
-Testing for FIV/Feline Leukemia
-Flea Treatment

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Online Pharmacy  Greenville, SC

Online Pharmacy

Get your cat’s food, medications, and flea preventatives from one convenient location! All orders will be shipped to your home for ease and convenience.

Can’t remember the name of the medication your cat is on or the strength? We are here to help! Give us a call and we will put it in your cat’s “Vet Recommendations” with the correct strength, dose, and instructions!

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Laser Surgery  Greenville, SC

Laser Surgeries

Every surgery performed by Dr. Anderson uses the newer laser technique which eliminates a lot of the inflammation. There are numerous benefits of laser vs. traditional scalpel surgeries, from greater precision to shortened recovery times, laser surgery is the best choice. The results are amazing We offer spays, neuters, front tendonectomy, front declaw (with restrictions!), dental cleanings, growth removals (with biopsies), entropion corrections and more!

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We offer feline-only boarding that is housed in a separate building from the main clinic. This allows for a quieter stay for your cat with less exposure to any patient’s being hospitalized. We have two options for our boarding, a standard Half or a full Whole condo. Customizing your cat’s stay in choosing a condo size can help ensure your cat’s stay is comfortable and keep your mind at ease.

Requirements: Spayed and Neutered FVRCP vaccine and Rabies vaccines up to date. If performed at another facility, paper proof is required. We can update vaccines if needed. We can provide dry and wet food at no additional cost. We have Purina indoor. You are welcome to bring your cat’s food as well.

What we provide: Bedding, toys, bowls, litter/litter boxes.

**Special Note: Please have your cats in carriers. Social cats are allowed time in the community area. We monitor for signs of anxiety or aggression. If we find your cat does not do well in boarding we will let you know and will suggest either pet sitters or other boarding facilities. You will be asked to sign a boarding agreement yearly for boarding. Emergency contacts should be updated, feeding schedules, and “In case of emergency” statements.

Drop off and pick up will only be during business hours. Summer months and all major holidays book up quickly and we are first come first serve. Please place your reservations as soon as you know them and we can adjust dates accordingly. Your cat will be monitored for fleas and intestinal parasites. If we find any on your pet they will be treated at the discretion of Dr. Anderson

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End Of Life Services  Greenville, SC

End Of Life Services

We understand that discussions and decisions with the end of life care for your feline family members is never easy to deal with. Remember we are with you every step of the way.

We offer humane euthanasia in office where you can stay with your pet as much as you are comfortable. You will have the option to take your pet home in a small cardboard coffin (can be decorated with pictures and sweet messages by the kids) for a home burial.

We can also have them cremated through Good Shepherd Pet Services, if you choose your pet will be returned in a mahogany urn.

An option of cremation without returns is also available.

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